It’s 2022 and yes political advertising has been saturating the airwaves and device screens. Thumbvista a chance to be a part of a political campaign marketing strategy in early 2020 for a city council seat in a major city in California. These are the results in our political campaign marketing strategy that focused on local and national news placements.

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Political Campaign Marketing On A Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Challenge – The challenge we were presented was to get candidates name out in the market in an affordable way on some of the most popular websites and apps that are know to feature national and local news. We needed to hit this market hard enough and frequent enough to be effective without breaking the bank.

Solution– Our solution was to leverage our location based marketing tools by created geofencing and geo-targeting in only areas the the council person would represent. This help reduce ad waste and allowed us to get messaging in front voters that the council person would actually be serving. The need to be on the right websites and apps were just as important to gain awareness and give creditability with quality placements.

Results – The council person’s ad appeared over 300,000 times on popular such as, SFgate and SF Chronicle, and nationally know placements such as ESPN, Politico, USA Today, Washington Post, Forbes and CBS News. Nearly 300 wanted to learn more with a visit. Ultimately the candidate secured a place in the fall run off for their seat to serve their community.

The take away – Just because you don’t have a giant marketing budget does not mean you have to compromise quality. Something we do different in these type of campaigns is to watch for viewbility issues. This is common but it is a good idea to be aware and have the ability to adjust and optimize placements. Leverage all of our adtech tools available is a perfect match for political campaign marketing because of different messaging needed at times for voters in certain districts, zips, city even neighborhoods.

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