Every political candidate looks for an edge on their opponent, that is politics. Political Advertising spend as robust as it is still needs to have a strategy to it. Campaign managers are in charge of running a company that is an effective as possible. The effectiveness of a campaign consist many things a few being effectively using advertising dollars. Finding the right person at the right place and time. This is where Thumbvista comes in. We focus ad spend based on location, interest and time. This increases relevance and through for effectiveness. Click here to see our case study from 2020

3 ways a political candidate should be engaging voters using mobile in 2022

  1. Location, Location, Location – No more spilling messaging over to areas that are not relevant. Thumbvista places ads in relevant locations down to state lines, congressional districts, zip codes ,IP addresses from a mailing list, even down to the foot print of a neighborhood. This allows you to craft your ads to speak directly to the local issues.
  2. Video – This day and age internet speeds are fast enough to support all types of streaming services. Many have cut the cord and decided to use streaming services verses traditional cable or satellite providers. “80% OF TV HOUSE HOLDS have a connected TV.” Leichtman Research Group, 2020. That means there will be many political ads missed if candidate don’t adapt and spread advertising dollars across all digital platforms. Connected TV is going to be the hottest places to have traditional TV ads in 2022 and beyond. Video ads in general will need to cut are various sizes for the screens and the environments seen. 60, 30 and 15 seconds spots will be hot places to reserve space. Mobile Video Advertising
  3. Creativity catches eyes – Static banners are a must in your strategy but make them a small portion compared to rich media ads. Our access to premium advertising formats that are among the highest viewed and engaging ads out there. This will help your political advertising cut through the white noise and be top of mind when it is time to go to the ballot boxes.

Thumbvista offers do it yourself tools for smaller campaigns and full service for custom projects. Reach out today for more information of how we can help with your political advertising campaign.

Click here to see our case study from 2020