What is geo-conquesting? Geo conquesting marketing advertising is using virtual perimeters or geofences around your competition to deliver mobile display advertising.

For example, Thumbvista can advertise your products or services to customers who are currently within your competitors location and continue to advertise to them even for a month after they left. This allows you to get in front of the right audience. Geo-conquesting helps lure customers or recruit employees

Geo Conquesting Marketing Advertising Strategies

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Top ways to use geo-conquested


In this market hiring solid employees has been a challenge. A good way to get job postings in front of the right person is to place job opening ads around your competition. This will reach devices that are used by individuals who are already within your industry and deemed qualified by your competition. This can cut ad waste and training time. Your ads should speak directly to why the open position is a better fit for them and reasons to apply.

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Show rooming –

Many of us are guilty of shopping around while in store, this is called “show rooming”. Whether it be on a large e-comm site or just in the local area. By placing ads in front of the customers at a competitors location you ensure that ads are seen by those who are in-market for products similar to yours. Once again give reasons why it make sense to leave and make the trip to your location with an enticing deal.

In conclusion there are many reasons to advertise around the competition using geo conquesting marketing advertising. The key take away should also be that the creative must speak to the customer using a call to action based on their location. Using normal branding ads are not enough. The power of location targeting only goes so far and the creativity of the ad design can take you the rest of the way.

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