The automotive industry is always on the forefront of the advertising and marketing world. Car Dealers have jumped at the chance to use the latest and greatest mobile marketing tools to give themselves an edge on the competition. Car dealer geoconquesting and geofencing has been an attractive option by getting in front of customers while in other dealers showrooms to present offerings on why to come their way.

This is a case study of a VW dealer who placed a geofence around the competition to catch customers looking on their device during a repair or waiting for a sales person. This is called geoconquesting. Geoconquesting is to focus on your competition with geofencing to pull customers away with a more attractive offer.

geofencing- geoconquesting for auto geo conquesting

Geoconquesting Car Dealer Competition

Challenge: How to get in front of customer who have found there way inside another dealership? Finding customers that are a good fit based on current real world geo behavior instead of advertising to the masses.

Solution: By finding 20 area competitors whose customers are in the same demo based on price point or brand offering. Once we identified the competition we placed an ad to appear 1000 feet around the dealership address.

Results – The ad appeared over 8 weeks over 300,000 times and had nearly 700 additional actions. The ad appeared on local news, weather and even auto centric apps such as Gas Buddy.

The take away – We have all found ourselves in an auto dealership waiting. Whether for a repair or sale “manager” to make a decision. This proves to be a solid opportunity to get in front of the right person at the right place and time. By going even further and retargeting devices after they leave the dealer gives the marketer the ability to grow a list of in market buyers or at least device that have been seen within the area in the last 30 days.

For more information or to set up a campaign for geoconquesting for you auto dealership contact us today.

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