A political ad strategy that includes billboards, posters, digital screens, and TV ads are the common channels to reach voters. However, if candidates have not capitalized on mobile campaigns, they are missing out! Mobile provides an ideal platform for politicians and the government to reach, engage and win voters. 

It’s an Efficient Data-Driven Method to Reach Voters

Mobile devices provide the best way for politicians to target members of specific demographic groups. For example, a political ad strategy to target young people aged between 18 years and 24 years, have the highest use (93 percent) of smartphones in the United States. Furthermore, it’s possible to integrate this data from other sources, thanks to technology. So, politicians can analyze the data and identify ways to capture their attention through mobile devices for their campaigns. 

It’s Possible to Reach Many Supporters. 

Statistics show an estimated 5.3 billion unique worldwide mobile phone users, as of 2020. The use of mobile apps has greatly increased with an impressive 218 billion downloads of apps in 2020. The above reports indicate that people use various mobile apps in their daily activities and an increasing number are on their phones. This presents a great opportunity for politicians to reach their potential supporters.

voters using mobileIt’s Possible to Track the Performance of a Campaign 

Traditional advertising methods do not provide fully accurate statistics that can help measure the effectiveness of a strategy. For instance, an ad can be aired during commercial breaks when people are engaged in other activities. 

Mobile advertising, however, solves this problem, because it targets people where they are likely to spend time. Politicians can track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time through mobile advertising. This ability helps them to adjust their ad strategy and realize their communication goals.

Mobile Political Ad Strategy Uses Various Tactics

Geo-Targeting –With geo-targeting technology, politicians can precisely deliver display ads that are geographically relevant to potential voters, at the right time. Using GPS, Wi-Fi networks, and IP data, the DSP platform targets potential customers within a particular geo region on mobile devices. Mobile geotargeting allows you to target a particular neighborhood, district, or street, which makes your campaign extremely local and relevant to the residents of that area.

SMS – Candidates can Send short and catchy text messages to their supporter’s mobile phones. SMS is supported by most mobile devices and can be sent through many apps. Politicians can send codes to recruit supporters to their concerts and events and encourage them to forward them to a friend and family.

Content Built for Mobile –The right delivery mechanism is important for political ads, but the content that is being sent can make or break a campaign. Political ad strategies should adapt to the various mediums on mobile devices such as video or display ads. 

Having seen the great benefits of mobile in political advertising, it’s time that political campaigners take advantage of these opportunities. The experts at Thumbvista can help with your digital political strategy. Contact our experts today to get started on a personalized plan.