Brands used to advertise on broadcast and cable TV, but with advanced technologies, they are transitioning to digital ads. Therefore, brands are increasing their video ad budgets and leveraging modern channels.

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Digital video ads give advertisers a prime opportunity for brand exposure, data collection, enhanced targeting, and personalization. These are features traditional TV ads can’t compete with. Digital video ads allow advertisers to connect with audiences in their preferred format. Statistics by Cisco show that in 2022, online videos occupied 82 percent of all internet traffic which is 15 times higher than in 2017. In January 2018, 85 percent of all internet users in the U.S. alone watched online video content monthly on their devices. Furthermore, a recent consumer survey showed that 84 percent have been compelled to buy a product or service after watching a video. With these growing statistics, these are the reasons why video ads are the future of digital advertising. 

Videos Dominate Online Content

Video is rapidly dominating internet traffic. Monthly, 85 percent of internet users view at least one online video, with 54 percent of consumers expecting more video content from their favorite brands. With people looking for entertaining and educational content, it’s no surprise that 87 percent of marketing professionals use video advertising.

Video Analytics Enable Digital Advertisers to Track Performance

Video sites like YouTube have analytical features that enable advertisers to see how their content performs. Knowing the number of views, likes, shares, and social interactions generated by the content helps advertisers plan future campaigns and make their content more relevant to their target audience.

Video Ads Have Higher Engagement.

Research indicates that the average user remembers 95 percent of a video message. This means prospects are more likely to remember your message via a video ad than an image or text ad. Additionally, a user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase intent by 97percent and brand association by 139 percent. Video ads merge movement and sound to catch user attention which is vital in conveying an efficient message and results in better engagement.

MediaMind’s analysis of over three billion ad impressions globally for six months found that:

  • The clickthrough rate for online video ads is 27.4 times that of standard banners
  • The clickthrough rate for online video ads is about 12 times more than for rich media ads

A video ad format featuring a tailored message that is easy to consume is very efficient in delivering a narrative to a business’s target audience. 

Ensure A Higher Google Ranking

Like written content, videos include keywords that help users find the video. However, these video metrics can help video rank higher than written content;

  • User Engagement: the longer the viewing time, the greater the user engagement.
  • Greater user interaction via comments
  • Social Shares
  • Higher Subscription Rate
  • More mentions
  • A higher percentage of ‘watch later’ occurrences

A good example is when Google released a real-time advertising option for this year’s Super Bowl. It allowed brands to insert video ads across YouTube and 2 million partner sites to be a part of the game’s defining moments.

Video Ads Are Easy to Share

People are naturally inclined to share videos they like. According to statistics, there are 700 videos shared per minute on YouTube daily. Since video ads are concise, relatable, and have a story to tell – they are easy and compelling to share.

Video Ads Drive Sales

When advertisers prioritize video marketing, it increases awareness of the brand. The more people know the brand, the more potential customers and revenue the brand will get. 73 percent of consumers claim a brand’s social media presence has influenced their purchasing decisions, while 84 percent of consumers have attributed a brand’s video to their decision to purchase a specific product.

Lastly, it can be inferred that video advertising is effective since 88 percent of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their social media campaigns.

Video Ads Have A Higher Clickthrough Rate

Video ads relay a better story; hence, the clickthrough rate of such ads is higher than typical banner ads. The average clickthrough rate (CTR) of video ads is 1.84 percent, the highest clickthrough rate of all digital ad formats. Though video ads are more time-consuming, they effectively narrate the advertiser’s story, so more prospects get to engage and click the call to action. 

Video Ads Make Content More Digestible.

Although lengthy articles provide relevant information and key facts, too much-written content may discourage readers. 

Video ads solve that problem by presenting the article’s key points in an easily digestible video form. Video contents offer the visitor a way to find out what to expect before reading a word.

Global brands like Panasonic use this technique. Aside from providing informative and well-written posts, they use short videos that summarize the key points. Hence, while an article provides in-depth solutions, a video accentuates and highlights the main points drawing the audience in and increasing their interest in the topic.

 The Video Makes Your Content More Memorable.

Visual context is easier to remember. Why? Humans are visual beings. Videos help the audience grasp the message when they can see and hear the story. Any content enhanced with visuals is more memorable.

It is, therefore, important to create a video that will give people something to think about, which will help in decision-making.

Video Is the Perfect Format for Informing and Educating. 

Since video incorporates audio and visual elements, it appeals to multiple senses making video ads good educational tools. Video ads are especially effective for product demonstration as viewers can see how products work and consider buying.

Final Thoughts 

Video ads can help you stand out from the competition, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Our team of experts at Thumbvista can help with the video strategy from creation to placement. Contact us today to see how we can work together.