You may have heard of geofencing ads or ads that show based on geo-location. Time and time again we are ask “do geofencing ads work” and if so, “how and why.” Here are 5 logical reasons digital ads using location data as a targeting tool improves the overall advertising campaign.

It’s efficient advertising

Geofencing is a highly efficient use of your advertising dollars compared to other marketing techniques due to its ability to target a specific location with relevant content. Not only that, but the cost is typically lower due to a higher Return on Investment when compared to other techniques.

They provide specific targeting

When attending conferences for example, you should spend your time attracting the most promising prospects to your table. A marketing strategy that extends beyond the confines of the event venue is inefficient. This is because you will likely reach many of those not attending the conference and who do not need your goods or services. Since geofencing ads allows you to target a specific building or area within it, your advertising is likelier to attract your ideal customer.

geofencing airports

Location adds relevance

With geofencing ads, you can target the most valuable prospects and create content demonstrating your services’ relevance to their needs. You can create a geofence to target those using specific apps or websites related to your business to achieve this. You can also target specific demographics at times. However, this entails gathering information about cell phone users who can opt-out anytime.

It enhances your virtual presence

Even if you cannot attend every conference, you may wish to promote your brand there. This is where geofencing can come in handy. You can create a geofence around any venue you want, regardless of its proximity to your business. As a result, attendees will see your advertising even if you cannot attend a specific conference. Geofencing allows you to be present without physically being present.

Easy follow-ups

When you use geofencing ads for conventions, you can contact attendees (your potential clients), after the event. You can contact a smartphone that has interacted with the geofence for days or weeks after the event. You can use this feature to remind customers of convention-related offers.

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