This year the world is a buzz about AI such as Chatgpt by OpenAI and businesses all over are trying to figure out how best to use this awesome technology. From development to automation it spans multiple industries for multiple reasons.
Artificial intelligence (AI) can be extremely helpful in the field of marketing & advertising in a variety of ways.

AI uses for marketing

Artificial Intelligence is improving Advertising in these 6 ways:

Targeted Advertising:

AI can analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and preferences, which can be used to target specific audiences with more relevant and personalized ads.

Ad Optimization:

AI can help to optimize ad campaigns in real-time, adjusting targeting, bidding, and creative elements based on performance data.

Predictive Analytics:

AI can analyze historical data and predict future trends, helping advertisers to make more informed decisions about where and when to place ads.


AI-powered chatbots can assist customers in real-time, answering their queries and providing personalized recommendations, helping to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Visual and Audio Recognition:

AI-powered visual and audio recognition technology can help advertisers to monitor social media and other platforms for mentions of their brand and products, enabling them to respond quickly to customers and stay on top of emerging trends.

Content Marketing:

From Blog post to white papers, e-books, scripts and more AI can generate content with just a few keywords making content creation a piece of cake.

More to come from AI

Overall, Artificial Intelligence can help advertisers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns, by targeting the right audience, optimizing ad placement and messaging, and providing insights into customer behavior and preferences. To speak more about how Thumbvista can help you find and use martech tools AI tools for your digital advertising or marketing strategy please reach out today.