Why Relevance Is Key In Reaching Consumers via Mobile.

In a world where the average consumer is hit with 247 commercial messages daily (based on Consumer Reports study) we have become oblivious to most of the white noise which is your basic ad. This is why ad agencies around the world look at what makes a consumer feel engage with an ad. Whether it’s the use of a situation to pull the heart strings or a beautiful person pitching the product the goal is the same to get the consumer to feel like you are talking to them and can somehow effect their life in a positive way.

Location Based Marketing Services

Source: Upstream / YouGov

Knowing A Consumer’s Location Adds Relevance

The most effective way to increase the effectiveness of an ad is to add relevance to it. Adding relevance to an ad means you must know who your customers are. By knowing your demographics aka the Age, Sex or Location etc. of the message target this increases the ability to craft a customized message in a way to make it as attractive as possible. Location-based advertising will jump to over *8.5 Billon U.S dollars, the reason, location adds relevance! This increase will be a larger piece of the pie, a total of 32.8% of all mobile phone advertising. By 2017 Location-based advertising and marketing will represent around 1% ad spend for all advertising. The majority of advertising using location will be SMS, mobile search and mobile coupons. (Source-Berg Insight)

The reason Location-based advertising is so effective is not just because you are using a targeted geographic location but in many cases using a specific time as well. Essentially you are sending a message at the most effective time and at the most effective place. That effectiveness increases likelihood of a strong return on investment. For example, with our Location based messaging platform we utilize geofencing to trigger a notification and allows the marketer to schedule the perfect time and place to send their most loyal customers a customized SMS.

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