[dropcap letter=”Most”] Everyone would agree that the mobile phone is a staple in the average American life, but as a company how do you capitalize on your customers mobile media consumption? Just as the mid to late 90’s called for companies to be online with the computer showing up in homes across the U.S. the mobile phone user demands attention from brands that are trying to get their message out there. Just being mobile user friendly with things like a mobile site or app is a start, but it is the end of 2013 just “showing up” does not cut it any more. Finding ways to not just be found but to also engage your customers is key. For example sending SMS can lead to increased foot traffic and a customer’s increase loyalty, but there is a difference in sending a text message and sending a messaging with strategy. It’s important to keep in mind what action you want from the message, and not just send something without reason. Another example of a lack of strategy is that many companies have released or will release a mobile app to Apple & Android phones but fail to get the downloads they are looking for because they provide no user engagement, no customer service or solutions to any problems a customer may have. The mobile app without engagement or solutions are a waste of money and you are better off with just a mobile site.

In this new tech savvy mobile world your customers expect more so here are some basic mobile marketing strategies to keep in mind for your next venture into the mobile advertising world.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Basic Mobile Marketing Strategies

Solve A Problem – Whether it’s a click to call or driving directions make sure you answer the need of the mobile user who is reaching out to you.

Engage – Let your customers know that you did not just put a mobile “store front” up and abandon it. Advertising it and keeping it up to date is key, offering special up to date deals via their engagement with you is even better.

Research – Try to ask your customers what they would like to see from your company. By letting them know you are staying with the times and wanting to be apart of their everyday life in a respectable way goes a long ways.

Study Results – One of the most frustrating parts of helping companies over the years in all phases of marketing is the lack of knowledge on whether some part of their marketing or advertising was bringing results. Track and evolve that is the only way to ever really get long lasting results.

By keeping focused and an open line of communication with your customers you will have a better chance in developing a solid mobile strategy. Many things can be managed in house, but if you do decide to hire an out side company to manage your mobile strategies be sure they are focused at the tasks at hand be supplying a solid privacy friendly user experience that will keep your customers coming back.

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