Customers Receive Special Offers via Mobile When Near a Participating Location


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With nearly every brand, restaurant and retailer promoting their holiday sales marketers are taking a new and improved approach to promotions through location-based mobile or “proximity marketing” campaigns. By sending a mobile coupon to customers when they’re near one of their participating locations, companies aim to increase sales and foot traffic to their stores over the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

A recent study showed that 47% of those survey would share their location in order to receive a more relevant message or mobile coupon from a preferred brand or retailer. Location data is utilized in a mobile campaign using a technology called geofencing supplied by a company like  Thumbvista. Geofencing and location messaging can be used via mobile applications and GPS or non-application and cell tower triangulation methods. Customers must opt-in or accept application location terms to receive special deals and alerts based on their location and proximity to a predetermined area.

Relevant mobile messaging

“Retailers and brands are bombarding customers with sales messages right now,” said Linden R. Skeens founder of Thumbvista. “We are able to cut through the clutter by sending a mobile message that is relevant to their customers when they’re near one of their competitors or their own participating locations.”

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