Have you ever wondered why companies give away things like e-books and white papers in exchange for your information? It’s because opt-ins are gold, especially mobile. Mobile savvy customers typically spend more when making purchases. Finding out your average customer worth is an extremely important business to do, but it is equally important to find out the average value of marketing subscribers, friends, follower etc. SMS subscribers are seen being at the top of the list in terms of value because of it’s high engagement and open rate of over 95%.

mobile open rate

image via Onbile

The main reason to find out important figures such as average customer worth is to make sure it is worth the time, money or effort to maintain, increase or decrease.  Here is an example of how to

So for example, your annual mobile subscriber revenue per customer might look like this:

  1. Annual revenue attributed to mobile marketing: $200,000
  2. Number of valid, deliverable subscribers: 5,000
  3. Annual mobile revenue per subscriber ($200,000/5,000) = $40

So you have valuable mobile subscribers… Now how do I keep them?

As you can imagine once this figure is found it shows how important keeping subscribers are. Keeping subscribers happy takes strategy and patience. Here are three things to keep in mind when reaching out to customers once they have opted-in.

1. Do over do it, or under do it. We have all heard or have been victim of too many messages, they same works with not enough. If you have not heard from a company in while and then they send a message the subscriber may have forgotten about the initial opt-in and see you as spamming.

2. Be as relevant as possible. Sending a relevant and or timely message can work wonders on keeping a subscriber happy and not text back the word STOP.

3. Send a deal worth sending. A random or common deal a subscriber sees all the time is offensive to the subscriber. The subscriber should be treated as a V.I.P! They have given you access to something they carry with them all the time and one of their most personal items, their phone. Don’t treat them the same way as you would your average Joe these are your biggest fans and you should be theirs as well.

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