More & more we become a digitally focused generation, to get our news, stay in touch with friends and education on products. As marketers we must constantly evolve with digital trends like bluetooth beacons to give the best customer experiences as possible. To evolve quickly we must have quality information and a clear way to communicate with consumers to give them what they truly want, a seamless shopping experience.

Beacons Are Finding Their Way

Beacons have became all the buzz recently with the help of major integrations and the iBeacon technology by Apple. A Beacon is a device using bluetooth low energy to interact in different ways with a mobile device, such as via mobile applications by downloaded an SDK and having the ability to send messages by a proximity trigger or via Apple’s Passbook to notify a user of a previously downloaded Pass. Among the active ways of communicated with the mobile device their are other ways to use Beacons. One of those ways would be to passively and collect location information such as store or even department visits for future use in tailoring a message that is more relevant to that particular consumer. This can also be used many other non-digital marketing strategies such as for inventory layout and product display.

The difference in ways to interact of Beacons is explained well in a recently podcast with Rob Woodbridge and Chuck Martin on

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