With the latest Apple iPhone and Apple Watch release many new features and cool innovations came with the already iconic product along with the new wearable. One feature slightly skimmed over by many was the Apple Pay feature. This is something seen in recent years using other smartphones via something called Near Field Communications or NFC . This was a feature being miss currently with over a 42% smartphone market share by Apple. (Source ComScore) Near-field (or nearfield) communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and other mobile devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters. (Source Wikipedia) Apple’s Pay feature will indeed draw many more consumers to use mobile payments as well business upgrading their systems to accept NFC. But what else is in it for a business owner? How about being able to place your coupon in the consumers mobile device right beside their new payment feature?

Passbook coupons

Features of Apple Passbook Coupons

Passbook Coupons are permissions based giving the user a few ways to download the coupon via QR code or clickable link from email or SMS or MMS. If you are a programmer and would like to design up and distribute Passbook Coupons see the Passbook programming link here. Or if you are a marketing manager or business owner wanting to learn more about the capabilities of Apple Passbook here are a few really cool features that benefits you and the customer.

Mobile Coupons Can Be Triggered via A Devices Location. A Passbook notification will appear if customers device appears within a designated proximity of a address. In older versions the location notification did not make a noise when received this is a feature that may be update in the future.

Passbook Coupons Can Be Updated While In Customers Device. No need to send or a have downloaded multiple times. Apple Passbook Coupons can be updated with a option to notify the owner of the mobile device of the updated version.

Customize & Cap Amount Delivered. The coupons have the ability to be branded for your business and make your offer time or total amount downloaded sensitive for integrated specials and event delivery.

Coupon Tracking & Point of Sale Integrations. Full tracking of downloaded mobile coupons and integrated bar codes can be place for point of sale coupon scanning to help keep track of how all of your offers are doing.

Mobile Coupons Can Be Triggered By iBeacon Technology. Apple iBeacon can receive messaging from bluetooth low energy beacons. Passbook Coupons can be triggered to become available or a notifier appears  to the mobile users when within feet of a designated area. For example; A customer gets notified of a special for frozen foods section while in or near aisle. The low energy bluetooth beacon or BLE is a device and can also be connected with a mobile application to transmit messaging.


Interested in created your own Passbook Coupons?

Hard Way -If you are a “do it yourselfer” you can take the programming rout or find software providers like Passkit, PassDock, PassGate or many other companies with the Pass in their name. Then connect with a beacon if so wish provider and start your campaign.

Easy Way -Or if you are more hands off contact us today for a free consultation on how you can make Passbook coupons apart of your marketing strategy.


image 1 source; Apple