With interest as of late turning from just being present on the mobile web browser to what features that can add to sells and most of all customer experience, one feature that keeps coming about is the mobile click to call ad.

The Skinny On Mobile Click To Call Ads

The What: A mobile click to call (CTC) ad is a advertisement whether text, display banner or native with a feature that when seen on a mobile device and then clicked the call feature then activates giving the mobile user typically just one more easy click to dialing the advertiser.

What To Expect: As an advertiser click to call does not mean call tracking as stated by Marketingland “Taking this a step further, while CTC reveals the total clicks, call tracking can reveal not just the call-through rate but the number of calls answered, call duration, caller phone number and demographics, and call recordings. These operational, lead-quality and conversion insights are essential for optimizing mobile ad programs.” Also please keep in mind answering systems and fat fingers can skew data. click to call ad example

click to call feature

The When: A mobile CTC ad or feature makes sense in many circumstances especially if you business do appointments over the phone or any part of your sales process is based on a phone conversation. When it makes most sense is when the customer knows everything they to know from the ad. For example above was a St. Patrick’s Day click to call campaign by Budweiser that link to calling a local taxi service. The ads shown on apps and targeting was around local drinking establishments. In one day the ad generated 305 clicks. Another few examples of CTC strategies is an ad from a  “$9.99 Large 1 Topping” Click To Call “Order Tickets Now For March 1 Event” Click To Call “Call For Reservations” or “Get Awesome Mobile Ads For Your Business” Click To Call …You Get It.

The Why: Besides the fact of making a business phone ring and a conversation started, the mobile CTC ad and or feature is more about convenience for the mobile user. Think about the last time you looked something up on your mobile device found a number and the click to call feature was not there. It is frustrating having to try to reminder the number.

The Why Not: You may ask yourself are people still calling? (See graphic at beginning) There are times that a CTC does not make sense. For example, if the advertising call to action is not call worthy, but more click to a link to more info like (the wrong way) “XYZ Insurance Find an agent today” this does not mean dial a total stranger. A proper call to action in that case would be (the right way) “Call Local Agent Jane Doe Today”.

The How: A CTC feature can be added to any text by adding a link with the call protocol  (tel:) with your 10 digit phone number. For example tel:8555544900 Click To Call

To run mobile ads with these and other great features such as click to text, click to map, click to video that are relevant and that benefit both the business and the mobile user contact us today.