Geofencing and Interest-Based Targeting Add Relevance To Ad Experience

It is time for “Smarter” mobile advertising. Advertising is all about finding the right person for your message. Who connects with your messaging and can relate, making it a relevant ad experience. Everyone wins with a relevant ad experience.

By using Geofencing technology you mobile advertising can become relevant those who see it. Relevance in turn adds to the mobile advertising’s effectiveness. ¬†Along with location using geofences adding relevance to mobile advertising so does adding interest. For example if you are a running shoe company let’s focus on a marathon using geofencing and health and sports minded people using interest targeting. That strategy would create a better ad experience for both advertiser and the person engaging with it.

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Mobile Geofencing for branding

As Nielsen states – Consumers are not just buying online they are finding information or seeing brand info and going into physical locations to make purchase. This means using location around stores is just as important as well. Geofencing mobile ads around your location and others such as events or the competition should be two separate strategies.

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