It is that time again. election season, and even though it does become tough to watch at times, political election marketing campaigns are a necessity in getting a candidate’s name and messaging out there. In a recent forecast e-marketer stated political advertising would reach over $6 Billion and much of that should include digital. Thumbvista offers custom targeted advertising using digital tools and premium buying solutions. Here is a case study for from election year 2018.

Case Study: Political election for state representative in Kentucky.

marketing for political election Kentucky

Mobile Advertising using Geo-location targeting, premium placements and video.

Challenge: To make sure advertising dollars for political election marketing campaign were focused in a specific geographic area. By targeting the voting districts that were of interest the candidate greatly reduce ad waste that happen in other forms of media. We also wanted to get in front of voters at specific times such as a Saturday football along with favorable news placements local and national.

Solutions: Thumbvista was able to geofence the proper voting districts that were relevant to the political election marketing the candidate in areas that mattered and not in areas it did not. Video was used as a format as well giving the candidate placement on local and national news and sports apps and sites.

Results: The candidate did in fact win. Thumbvista provided over 900 video plays in the weekend leading up to voting and had an additional 100 visitors to the candidate election page.  The video saw premium placements such as ESPN, CBS Sports, The Weather Channel and all of the local news players.


Take away: It does not always take a big budget to make a big impact if you work with the right placements and getting in front of the right people at the right place and time.

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