This is a unique time in history when the life blood of the global economy is turning more and more to e-commerce and Thumbvista has the digital tools to help you succeed. Over 6.7 trillion dollars in e-commerce sales is expected in 2020. Over 145 million users have access to Amazon’s app and 66 million to Ebay which shows huge numbers for mobile e-commerce sales via a study by Statista. With shopper becoming more and more comfortable with online transaction we will see mobile e-commerce continue take the lead.

The tools available to marketers that are pushing e-commerce sales are vast and ever changing. Here are 3 ways to increase e-commerce sales in 2020 and beyond.

3 Digital Advertising Options to increase E-commerce Sales.

  1. Find your audience – By know who your typically or perfect customer is you can be more focused on where you promote your products. For example; Your are promoting a product or service perfect for young parents. We can place ads on or Same thing goes for apps and video or music channels. The amount of granular focus is amazing to many and the price point is equally amazing. Sky is the limit contact us for more info.
  2. Create digital offers – Digital coupon or offer codes are key to driving sales for many. But don’t give something up for nothing. Our digital coupon solutions are mobile friendly and can have a barrier of getting the coupon based on an additional action of choice such as entering email or social info to stay connected.
  3. Advanced Re-marketing – By re-marketing you can turn a browser into a buyer. By digitally retargeting you can have different ads placed based on pages or places consumers visited. There is a good chance this has happened to you in the past. At Thumbvista we can re-market customers based on digital visit, geo -visit, advertising campaign exposure or specific landing page exposure.

Mobile e-commerce

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