It’s hard to believe that any part of the healthcare industry would be suffering at this time. The reality is, in the Spring of 2020, many elective surgeries were postponed or cancelled due to safety concerns. This affects many private medical practices that specialize in orthopedic surgeries to help people in pain from normal wear and tear or sports injuries. Marketing healthcare practices like these need to focus on finding the right candidate with the right message. For example, surgeries for sports related injuries which typically affects athletes compared to hip surgeries which are predominately problems facing an older clientele. This healthcare marketing case study focuses on athletes for surgeries and rehabilitation using mobile geofencing at a community event.

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Healthcare Marketing Campaign On Race Day

Challenge: Find a rich audience of athletes who are currently or in the future in need of an orthopedic surgery or physical therapist.

Solution: Geofencing a marathon on race day. By geofencing the marathon, the goal of the campaign was to reach running enthusiasts who are known athletes and prone to injuries. Thumbvista placed mobile display advertising to appear in and around the race course and spectator watch areas. We bookended the event as well to reach racers before and after the race.

Result: The placements proved effective for a great healthcare marketing and branding experience for the clinic. Their ads proved to reach the right audience based on location, time, and interest with over 30k impressions and a .27% click-through- rate. Many placements that proved effective in reaching the right audience were fitness related such as the Under Armor app, My Fitness Pal.

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The Take Away: Branding is an important piece of healthcare marketing. By placing ads in a rich audience and then re-targeting that audience with changing creative, you have the ability to stay top of mind for the future. Even if the person who saw the advertising did not need the services provided, they tend to communicate with others that may. If you are top of mind you are also more likely to become a reference to someone in need.

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