“Which mobile display advertising sizes are top performing?” At Thumbvista, we get this question frequently. It can be a tricky question to answer because ‘top performing” can be defined various ways. This all depends on how the campaign is being measured. But let’s keep it simple and list the top mobile display advertising sizes for volume and CTR (click through rate).

Top Mobile Display Advertising Sizes For Volume | Standard Banner Sizes

The clear winner in the impressions volume game is the 320 x 50 size. With mobile display advertising, the size of ad needs to be designed in pixels. 320 pixels wide times 50 pixels wide. This layout is very common in mobile apps and mobile websites due to the content consumption nature that is not going to interrupt the user’s experience. This layout displays typically at the top or bottom of your mobile phone screen, but can show within content breaks in news articles. The 320 x 50 size is requested more than 50% of the time with available inventory. This goes for standard and geofencing campaigns.

top performing sizes for mobile

320 x 50 size

The second most common mobile ad size is the 300 x 250. These ads are not just one of the top mobile display advertising sizes but they cover all of digital advertising as a whole and are one of the most common you see on a day to day basis. They do have some pluses and minuses on the 320 x 50 size as well. The plus is that they are widely accepted across all devices and the 320 x 50 is more mobile centric. The 300 x 250 can be displayed on tablets and tablet-centric apps and site screen resolutions and still have an impact. Also the little extra design space does not hurt either.

mobile display advertising top sizes


Top Mobile Display Ad Size for CTR | Standard Banner Sizes

As for the top CTR this is tricky. The 320 x 480 is a full screen interstitial and does bring in a great deal of clicks. This size has some pluses and minuses as well and they include the fat thumb theory of trying to “x” out of the ad and accidentally clicking instead. These accidental clicks are commonplace in mobile due to the environment of a small screen. Another down side of the mobile display advertising size is there are not many that get called for from the ad exchanges. These ads appear typically within content rest, such as game resets, news story continuations or photo gallery intermissions. On the plus side it is an ad that gives the designer the full screen to work with and can get some amazing visuals across to consumers. Being able to add this size to the media buying mix can increase the total click through rate significantly and is highly recommended.

320 x 480display size

320 x 480

There are many ad styles and sizes based on the specific site or app’s content layout. The sizes of the ads sometimes matter less than the content of the ad or the environment that it is in. Designing your ads with animation will increase eyes on the advertising and also result in a higher overall click through rate. The animation can be made via animated gif. or HTML5 design. Flash is frowned upon in the mobile space and Apple products specifically don’t support it.

Relevance can be the difference

Making the right ad size is great way to ensure you get in front of people. By using various mobile advertising tools such as geofencing or behavior data to target devices with relevance, Thumbvista can help your well-designed ad is placed in the most relevant spaces.

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