Online ordering has arrived and it is here to stay. Especially in the new post-COVID world, more and more consumers are turning to the quick and convenient habit of ordering online. It’s even more convenient when combined with mobile. That’s why businesses are turning to mobile advertising to boost online ordering.

ordering online

From pizza to coffee to boutique sandwich shops, virtually everywhere now offers online ordering. These days, most consumers expect to have an online option when placing an order. It eliminates phone calls and lines, cuts down on wait times, and reduces interaction. Basically, it takes away the barriers that might keep someone from doing business with you.

As consumers have increased the amount of time they spend on mobile devices, so have marketers increased their mobile ad spend. More people on mobile phones means a larger audience for your ads. As the ads have increased, so have sales. Add in the increases in mobile technology that allow for a more seamless mobile shopping experience and you have a new frontier of consumer purchasing. Let’s examine how mobile advertising can boost your online ordering.


The first and most important step to turning your mobile advertising into more online orders is to make sure that your website and ordering platform are mobile-optimized. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices are off-putting and cause consumers to leave your site and abandon ordering. Having a mobile optimized site will keep mobile users there and converting.

Be Targeted

One of the biggest advantages of digital media advertising is that it allows you to deliver specific ads to specific consumer groups. Using valuable behavioral data, digital marketers can easily segment their messaging and deliver the right message to the right customer. With mobile, you can serve powerful, targeted ads right to consumers’ pockets. The dramatic increases in mobile usage make this an even more effective strategy. For instance, you can now send specific coupons or promo codes to the market segment that is most likely to convert on those messages according to the data.


Mobile technologies like geofencing and geotargeting allow you to send a specific message based on where the consumer is or where they’ve been. There are countless strategies for where to geofence and how to message. One effective example is to pair your mobile advertising with out-of-home (OOH) advertising by geofencing a billboard and serving a mobile ad to anyone that has recently been near it. You can also “geoconquest” by fencing the areas

around your competition and marketing to consumers there in hopes of steering them to you instead.


Mobile advertising is also a great way to target consumers with timing-based ads. If you’re running a monthly or seasonal special – maybe you’ve added a favorite fall menu item for the season – mobile advertising is the perfect way to deliver a compelling message and online ordering CTA to drive sales.

As mobile commerce increases, so does mobile advertising. The two go hand in hand. This has been a gamechanger for online ordering. If you offer online order, developing an effective mobile advertising plan is an effective way to boost sales.