What is Geoconquesting? You Should Be Geofencing Your Competition.

Mobile location targeting via geofencing has become a hot topic in the advertising & marketing world. The term Geoconquesting means to target customers that are near the competition and to try to pull them away with a message in real time based on their location.  The process of geoconquesting starts by set up a geofence (a virtual perimeter) around your top competitors location or locations. Then strategically plan days and times to target along with what your message will say. Decide if your message should be a general message like a banner in mobile applications to a general audience or if would you like to send a more customized message with a real time savings alert.  Whether you are geoconquesting potentially customers or loyal customers who shop at your competitors locations your message will vary.

Mobile deal via geoconquestingMobile Geoconquesting

If you currently use mobile marketing strategies and your company would like to introduce geofencing into your marketing plan it can be as simple as getting a second opt-in from your customers. Once your most loyal customers have opted-into recieving deals and alerts based on their location geoconquesting can begin. A example of a geoconquesting alert situation could be the following – A loyal customer who frequently shops for shoes at your shoe store has opted-in to your location based messaging services (from Thumbvista of course) so you have set up a geofence around your top competition and set up a message schedule for a Wednesday evening typically a slower day that really needs a lift in sales. You loyal customer enters within the geofence and you trigger your real time text message stating something like this – “ABC Shoes: Are you shoe shopping? If so come by our store in the next 30 min & receive 30% off or 15% off if you get here before close. Show MSG. Exp. 9/26” With that text message it has everything needed for a successful geofencing and geoconquesting campaign, there is relevance with subject and timing along with a proactive incentive to come towards your location as soon as possible.

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