Mobile location targeting via geofencing has become a hot topic in the advertising & marketing world. The term Geoconquesting means to target customers that are near the competition and to try to pull them away with a message in real time based on their location.  The process of geoconquesting starts by set up a geofence (a virtual perimeter) around your top competitors location or locations. Then strategically plan days and times to target along with what your mobile display will say. Decide if your message should be a general message like a banner in mobile applications to a general audience or if would you like to send a more customized message with a real time savings alert from your app.  Whether you are geoconquesting potentially customers or loyal customers who shop at your competitors locations your message will vary.

Mobile deal via geoconquestingMobile Geoconquesting

A example of a geoconquesting alert situation could be the following – You own a shoe store named XYZ Shoes, new competition moved into town and opened 4 new locations and will be having a grand opening event. You decide why not use Thumbvista’s services to build a geofence around each of the new locations and advertising around those locations the week of the event. That way customer who visit that location have a chance to see your ad. This give you a chance to lure customers away with a better deal and you know your advertising is going to reach people in the market as active shoe buyers. This example can be used for any industry.

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