As companies begin to tighten their belt and look for the most effective ad strategies for 2023 using Location data has long been an important aspect of any effective marketing campaign. From billboards to magazines to commercials, figuring out where to put your advertisement is crucial to reaching the right audience. As smartphones evolve, getting your ads in front of the right audience is becoming easier than ever before. With location-based technology, you can find where your customers are and go to them. As 2023 enters the second quarter, let’s take a look at some of the best places to advertise in 2023 and beyond.

Mobile Apps

One of the broadest approaches to targeting your advertising is to deliver ads through the most popular mobile apps. The Weather Channel App and Pandora are good examples of apps that are very popular and are used by a wide range of customers. You can take this a step further and become more targeted by focusing on the apps that your customers use. Athletic apparel brands or gyms might advertise on fitness or sports apps.

Location targeting


For any business with a storefront, targeting your local community is a sure way to find potential customers. Create a geofence within a reasonable radius of your business and deliver personalized ads to mobile phones in the area. Whether they live in the area or are passing through, these users are more likely to know the area and how to get to you. With a little incentive, like a locals only promo, you can drive new customers to your store.

Geofencing Services -Multiple Geofences

Events Your Customers Attend

Almost all meetings, seminars, and events are to return in 2023. Even if there aren’t as many events in a post COVID-19 world, it’s likely that pent up demand will make ensure that the ones that do happen are still well attended. Putting geofences around events that suit your customer base is a great way to build brand awareness with a specific buyer persona that you know is interested in your business niche. 

Places Your Customers Visit

The same goes for geofencing places that your customers typically visit. The athletic apparel brand and gym advertising on the fitness app should also think about geofencing hike and bike trails and sports fields. Hotels and tourist destinations could geofence airports. Auto insurance providers might target car dealerships.

Go After Your Competition

One place where you know you’ll find potential customers is at your competitors. If they do business with your competition, there’s a chance they’ll do business with you too. Geoconquesting (putting a geofence around your competition) gives you a source of leads to target with specific advertisements aimed at driving business away from your competition and toward you instead.

Retarget Past Customers and Visitors

Geofencing your own store gives you the ability to retarget those who have recently visited your store. With this strategy, you can advertise to past customers that you know have purchased from you before. You can also use this method to target those who may have visited your store but didn’t buy. 

However you choose to advertise in 2022, be sure to go where your customers are. Use geofencing and location-based advertising techniques to target the right customers. Send them hyper-specific messaging and use A/B testing to find out which ones work best. Offer coupons, promos, or loyalty programs drive traffic. By using these methods, you’re sure to make the most of your 2021 advertising plan.