Events have been a focal point of targeted marketing for as long as targeted marketing has been around.  If there’s an event taking place, you can guarantee that savvy marketers will be advertising to its patrons. That’s because events are a great way to target a concentrated crowd of like minded consumers. If those consumers happen to be within your target market, advertising to them at the event can be as good as gold.

Today, mobile advertising technology has made targeting events easier than ever before. Geofencing allows businesses to effectively throw a digital lasso around events, roping in huge groups of potential customers. Being able to deliver targeted messages to the right people, in the right place, at the right time is priceless. Here are some strategies for you to make the most of your event targeting efforts.

Geofence the Event Itself

Most importantly, set up a geofence around the event space and any nearby common areas where event goers might gather. Whether the event is being held at a convention center, conference building, outdoor venue, or any other large meeting place, using a digital geofence allows you to capture data from anyone that enters the space. It’s also a good idea to make sure to include parking lots or nearby sitting areas where people from the event are likely to hangout before, during, and after the event.

event marketing case study

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Target the Hotels

Especially for events that attract a lot of out-of-towners, geofencing the most popular nearby hotels is a smart idea. Most convention centers will have a few hotels in the same area that will be full of your potential customers. For events like marathons or car shows that might not take place near hotel row, you can research which local hotels are catering to the attendees and target them. 

Don’t Forget the Watering Holes

Everyone has to eat. That includes the travelers that will be attending the events you aim to target. If they’re not eating at the hotel (which you’ve already targeted), they’ll be heading out to try local restaurants. The post-event dinner is a often a designated meeting place to keep the conversation going, so why not target restaurant areas too. Don’t forget to include bars and nightlife areas as well in case your event goers get thirsty.

Airports and Rental Cars

Airports and rental car agencies will be worth targeting as well since many of those who traveled to the event will need to go to one or the other.

geofencing airports

Native Apps

Once you have your event areas geofenced, consider sending your highly targeted messaging to native mobile apps. Think of the native apps that might be popular amongst event goers since they will make the perfect place to serve your ads. For example, runners at a marathon might use an exercise or weather app, sports fans might use a scoring app, business people might use a stocks app. By picking out apps that are relevant to your customer base, you can increase the chances that your ads will convert.


Odds are that the event goers will be pretty busy while they’re in town for the event. While they might see your ad, they might not click or convert with everything going on. Be sure to retarget those who attend the event later on to get your message in front of them again and keep your product or service top of mind.