This year has been anything but predictable and if there is something that we can predict, it is Black Friday shopping. Some retailers have announced they will not open their doors on Thanksgiving day, as they have in the past and others haven’t revealed their plans.

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According to a study by VISA, 20 percent of shoppers plan to do their shopping exclusively in-stores, and nearly one-third plan on doing the majority of their shopping online. During the pandemic, businesses shifted their focus online. It wasn’t limited to shopping, doctors conducted more appointments online, fitness instructors moved their platforms online and Amazon posted its largest profit in its history during the Pandemic. According to Forbes, retailers are starting to run deals much earlier than before. Spreading out deals will allow consumers ample time to shop and search for what they need this holiday season. Along with starting earlier, retailers will also lean on curbside pickup to help avoid crowds and offer an alternative for people who do not want to enter a store. Since retailers are starting early, offering different services and sharing deals online then it is important to make sure the advertising strategy aligns with the changes and great deals. 

Here are some tips on how you can maximize your advertising strategy this season:

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Get mobile ready

You want to make sure that your online platform is ready for Black Friday whether you are only online or have both a brick and mortar/digital presence. This way you will be able to send customers to a place online to see your deals, understand any COVID-19 related changes, see hours, shipping information, the return policy and more. 

Retarget customers

Consumers will shop around, open five tabs on their browser, make a purchase then search for something else. Retargeting allows you to attract those customers once again. This is something that you can personalize by offering another product that is tailored to their interest and you can offer an extra incentive to do so. 


Retailers will have a number of incentives for customers this Black Friday and through out the holiday season. Some important promotions to consider in the digital environment are free shipping, expedited shipping, dollars, or percentages off purchases and free gifts with purchase.

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Great Placement 

While we have provided some tips on how the holiday shopping season may turn out, where consumers will shop and offers you can provide, there is another step, perhaps the most important step: execution. You can have a lot of great deals but how will it help if your customers aren’t seeing it? At Thumbvista, we suggest premium advertisement placement, targeted audiences and geofencing. With premium placement, your ad for buy one, get one can be displayed prominently on websites. Add in interest targeting and you can make sure your ads are displayed to the right demographic and placed on complementary websites. For example, if you are selling skis then your ads can show on websites blogging about the best skis for beginners. Last, we know some people may still be shopping in-store or prefer curbside pickup. For people like that, you can create a geofence, which is a virtual perimeter, around a specific area to show your ads to people nearby. 

Time is extremely valuable this holiday season. We offer services to help ease some of the strategizing for you. For more information on our services, click here.