Mobile retargeting is the act of advertising to people who have visited or interacted with your website or app before. Basically, it’s serving mobile ads to people that know you instead of those who might not. This strategy works across all industries and should be a key part of any mobile marketing campaign.

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Here are 6 benefits of using mobile retargeting.

Brand Awareness

Mobile retargeting is a great tool for fostering brand awareness. By monitoring who has visited your website and then retargeting them again after they have left, you keep your brand top of mind and develop what’s known as unaided recall. This means that consumers that investigated your brand once will now be more likely to think of you again when considering your product niche. By keeping your business in consumers’ thoughts, you increase your chances of making a sale when that customer is ready to buy.

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Capitalizing On Interest

retargeting tools mobile app retargetingRetargeting also helps you go beyond awareness and deliver more specific messaging to those who have expressed real interest. For example, consider the customer that puts items into their shopping cart but doesn’t follow through to purchase. Marketers can use retargeting to deliver a specific, personalized message to the customer about those items. This makes for a much more direct and compelling call-to-action and gives the marketer the chance to push them over the edge with a promo code or deal that might incentivize a purchase.


Thanks to geofencing technology, mobile retargeting works offline too. Marketers can use geofencing to target and segment potential customers based on where they’ve physically been the same way that they target them based on what websites they’ve visited. By combining mobile retargeting with geolocation, brands can serve targeted ads to customers that have visited their store, walked past their billboard, or even gone to a competitor. Not only does this make out-of-home advertising more effective, but it boosts brand awareness as well.

Create Urgency

Marketers can also use retargeting to create a sense of urgency. Your brand can now notify anyone that has shown interest in your business that a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal sale is about to expire. You can also serve a customer-specific promo code or offer that’s only good for a limited time. For example, “buy in the next 24 hours and get free shipping.” This can often be just what the customer needs to convert.

Quick links–  Case Studies, Self Service, About Us , Ad Pricing , Get Custom Quote

Better Conversion

Speaking of conversion, retargeting has significantly better conversion rates that initial marketing messages. The evidence shows that mobile targeting works. According to DigiDay, some businesses have seen 50-60% conversion rates when retargeting. These higher conversion rates on retargeted messages make for better ROI and a more efficient use of ad spend.

Resell Your Fans

Mobile retargeting advertising doesn’t just work on those who need the extra push to do business with you. It also allows brands to target their existing customers. Expert marketer Ruby Newell-Legner says that “it costs 6 times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one.” Through mobile targeting, businesses can make sure that their past customers keep coming back. Think about the power of delivering a specific message to your top 20% of revenue generators. Another strategy might be to target those who have only made one purchase to try to get them to come back for more.

Mobile retargeting gives you tons of options for delivering messages to consumers who know who you are. Whether they’re first time visitors or long-time customers, there’s value in being about to retarget them. No matter how you use it, mobile retargeting has proven to be an effective marketing strategy.