The beginning of a new year always brings planning for marketing & advertising strategies. As marketers we are always researching new marketing tools some need geofencing explained in a logical way without misleading buzz around empty promises.

Geofencing Explained In 30 Seconds.

How Is Geofencing Most Commonly Used.

Please note; We know there are a few different ways to use geofences in terms of location based strategies. With an app or hardware. In this article it focused on geofencing explained when using mobile advertising in the form of display ads.

Part of our planning for 2021 consisted of what people are searching for and that brought us to geofencing explained. This means many people are still trying to understand how this can benefit their business. This was surprising since we have written many post on what geofencing is, but maybe a simple more updated approach is needed. Many people think geofencing is more complex than it is partly due to how it can be use. The fact is, to create a geofence is just to create a virtual perimeter to communicate an action.

The truth about geofencing

It is a marketing tool, not marketing it self. Just as day-parting is when you control the time an ad or messaging is delivered, a geofence control the location. The difference with geotargeting is that you can control the size and shape version geo-coded areas that current have already been defined. see more here.

For more information please see our pricing explained, FAQs or many industry case studies that can give you real world way the location based advertising tool of creating geofences to serve ads have been used in the past. For assistance in thinking through some advertising strategies using one of our many tools to reach customers on mobile devices be sure to reach out today.