Have you ever considered the best ways to target advertisements to potential customers? Or wondered if your ads are set up most optimally?

Today, consumers may be shown ads based on behavior such as watching a video or clicking a link. This is called behavioral advertising, which is based on the actions a consumer is taking. There is another method to target customers that goes beyond their behaviors, it is called contextual advertising. 

While behavioral advertising can provide a significant amount of traffic, there is a benefit for adding contextual advertising too.

What is contextual advertising? 

Contextual advertising occurs when you place an ad on a website with content that is deemed relevant. For example, your ads for a car dealership could be placed on an online auto magazines website or a site with an article on performance tires. The ads should fit the context of the site for it to fit this category. An example of an ad that is not contextual would be if your car dealership’s ad was on a site about running shoes because there is no connection.

Contextual advertising

How will it benefit my dealership?

Contextual advertising places your ads in the places where your prospective customers are already looking and in a relevant space. That way they are receiving car ads when they’re shopping for jewelry or a rental for an upcoming vacation and the car isn’t top of mind. 

Additionally, contextual advertising will work great when paired with other marketing tactics such as geofencing. While the contextual ad will appear when they are browsing a relevant site, you can make sure your dealer ad appears when your potential customer is also searching for cars at a competing dealership through geofencing. 

How can I get started with contextual advertising? 

The experts at Thumbvista can help you understand how contextual will fit specifically with your business and how it will improve your marketing strategy. Thumbvista can help you implement this strategy so you see results right away. For more information on Thumbvista and to speak with one of our experts, click here