Car sales are expected to increase in 2022, according to industry expert Edmunds. New car sales are expected to rise to 15.2 million, a 1.2 percent increase from the prior year’s estimate. With the pent-up demand for new vehicles, is your dealership ready to try new marketing strategies with a robust marketing plan to capture the business? 

Top Ad Marketing Strategies for Car Dealerships

Despite where you are in the marketing process, there are a few tactics that you should be taking advantage of such as geofencing, contextual advertising, video advertising, and mobile advertising. 

geofencing for auto loan  marketing strategies


This is the perfect tool to target customers at your dealership or competing lots. With geofencing, you can create virtual perimeters to target consumers within it. For example, let’s say you have a potential buyer in your car lot, if they open their phone and browse information online, they have the possibility of seeing an ad for your great financing deals. You can also create virtual perimeters around your competitor’s lots, so you can showcase your car selection and deals as the consumer is browsing information on their mobile device. 

Contextual Advertising 

When you think of the buyer’s journey when purchasing a vehicle, there are multiple steps they will take. They may browse their favorite makers and do additional research on the latest models, or they may look up something new. To reach your audience at every step of their journey, you will want to add contextual advertising to the mix. With this, you will be able to place ads on relevant sites they’re browsing. For example, if a person is researching reviews of a specific model of vehicles then your ad can appear on that site or if they are reading an article about the best vehicles for 2022 then your ad can appear there. 

Mobile Video Advertising 

Video advertising is the key to reaching mass audiences as a car dealership and while most people may think video only belongs on TV, your ads can bring in business through social media as well. Mobile video ads are more effective with specific age groups because there are fewer distractions on a mobile device. The auto industry has already found success with mobile ads because of the connection video creates. It is the best way to show a vehicle and help a buyer visualize themselves in the vehicle. When done right, video is a powerful marketing tool. 

Mobile Marketing Strategies

To complete your marketing strategy with mobile, you can also add landing pages to target specific customers with ads on your new line of trucks or convertibles. The landing pages can easily set them up for a test drive or chat with a finance professional at your dealership. Additionally, you can add display ads, and audio advertising to reach your potential customers everywhere in the digital landscape. 

Self Service or Work Directly with the Pros 

At Thumbvista, you have the option to use our self-service tool or work directly with us and let us handle your marketing needs. With self-service, you can create basic geofencing campaigns and have access to real-time reporting. It is an intuitive solution for large and small auto dealerships. Our full service, executed by our professionals at Thumbvista, has all of the bells and whistles for a robust campaign with geofencing, contextual advertising, display advertising, and other mobile solutions. If you prefer to have someone else handle your marketing needs, then our full-service solutions are perfect for you. 


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