Reaching new customers in the new year is going to need to cut through more white noice than ever. Finding away to place you marketing messaging in front of the right person at the right place and time is more important than ever. At Thumbvista our goal is to add relevance to digital/ mobile advertising and though for adding effectiveness. We add relevance using location, time and interest. The ideas below can be easily implemented for anywhere between $25 – $75 per day. See full pricing

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Here are 10 industry specific marketing ideas that add relevance using location, time or interest.

  1. Health Care Dental – Advertising in a radius around you location is something you can do on a regular bases. By keep ads local you can reduce ad waste. Also when sending direct mail you can focus in on the neighborhood the mail piece was sent to get an extra level of branding. See mobile marketing case study here for Health Care
  2. Ecommerce – What ever your products are people are visual creatures. They need to see via picture or better yet video. By running video campaigns to tell about your company and the products it sells can be a game changer. Video can tie to other marketing on social media and with retargeting campaigns that are set up to reconnect with previous shoppers or left with items in carts.
  3. Clothing Brands  -By knowing you target audience you can use this to really focus marketing in on a specific app or website. Even a specific area of town may be a better fit for your clothing line than another. Selling suits office buildings make sense. Selling active gear perhaps advertising around parks and gyms.
  4. Shoes –Shoes can be very similar to advertising and marketing clothing. Running shoes = Fitness app, parks and gyms. Dress shoes = Productivity or Financial apps, Offices or Churches. Latest basketball sneaker = Sports scores, colleges or universities. Reduce ad waste is key.
  5. Furniture – By once again knowing your market you can use this to place ads in front of a relevant audience. High end luxury furniture can focus on affluent neighborhoods. You can also place ads on home decor and designs sites.
  6. Food – Restaurants – Grocers – Local is key. By keeping your marketing in front of and audience that is less than 5 miles it will reduce ad waste. Granted studies do show people are willing to drive an extra mile to mile an a half for the store of their choice, it is still less than 5 miles. See more mobile ideas for restaurants
  7. Higher Ed – Schools can use app categories to get their marketing in front of the right audience. In some cases more creatives will be needed to speak directly to the parent verses the child attending verses someone returning for higher degree. By knowing your audience and marketing directly to them this will increase effectiveness. See mobile marketing case study here for Higher Ed.
  8. Government – Public awareness campaigns can be crafted using location based marketing to place messaging in front of the audience most effected. Using contextual targeting can get in front of a person in the state of mind to increase effectiveness as well. See mobile marketing case study here for Public Awareness
  9. Financial IndustryBanks, Credit Unions, Mortgage lenders, Advisors & Planners. Using contextual advertising will help catch a person in the process of research loan information or financial guidance. We can place ads on sites with articles that are relevant to your products. Even placing ads on real estate apps (if allowed) can add relevance. As for credit unions or local banks looking to drive customers to open new accounts, focusing on local news and in local areas around locations will help add a branding element and make you seem apart of the community. See mobile marketing case study here for Banks
  10. Recruiting & Staffing Agencies – If you are looking for someone with a particular set of skills then you know where they are currently employed. By using geofencing around competitor locations potential applicants would be able to see your client messaging on why they should jump ship on the lunch break or down time.  Even retargeting as they leave the office can give them a chance to explore the opportunity in a more private environment. See mobile marketing case study here for Recruiting

Not see your industry?

We have many more ideas for industries in our case studies area. Feel free to contact us today to come up with a custom plan right for you.

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