Can you feel the holiday excitement in the air as we enter the season of giving? It is the perfect time to help new and existing customers check off their list with items from your business. You’ll want to find the perfect marketing mix for your holiday plan and adding these tips will help you reach your goals this season. 

Christmas shopping on mobile

Personalize experiences 

Consumers nowadays want their shopping experiences to be more tailored to them as individuals. They would rather that you tailor your internet sales approach to each customer. Customer segmentation categorizes your consumers into subsets defined by shared traits like demographics, interests, and purchase histories. Customers who visit your e-commerce site can be more effectively targeted with segmentation.

For example, customers that spend more money on your site might be targeted with discounts on more expensive items, while new customers could be incentivized with discounts for a first purchase. The intelligent segmentation of your target audience into multiple groups depending on your chosen categories is made possible with tools like Dialogue, which you plug into your existing e-commerce business. With just one click, you can establish custom audience groups based on past purchasing patterns and current data to target with dynamic content that will boost conversions.

The more you know about your customers or prospects, the more you tailor their experience not just with a website but with ads too. For example, let’s say a potential customer abandoned their cart, you can send personalized messages or share ads that reflect the items they left behind.

Draw attention to the best-selling products

Holiday shopping can be stressful since it can be difficult to decide what to buy for loved ones. Increasing your chances of making a sale could be as simple as pointing your visitors in the appropriate place. You may boost the likelihood of a speedy purchase, for instance, by creating a carousel of your best-selling products on your home page or by creating a gifting guide. Back to personalization, using a customization engine, your products will be promoted to customers who would find them relevant. 

Another way to draw attention to your products is to promote your best-selling products with a sense of urgency to boost the likelihood of a prompt response. For example, customers are more likely to make quick purchasing decisions if they consistently see new “deal of the day” content on your website, as done by companies like Amazon.

You can also target your customers with online ads that display popular products for different personas. Then, you can use the information you have from our prior tip on personalization to show specific products to those personas. 

Use upsell, cross-sell and incentivize

You should optimize your online store in every way possible to increase the likelihood of customers making larger purchases. Upselling and cross-selling on product pages and at checkout are two of the best ways to increase sales in an online store. Display related products to those already added to the shopping bag when the customer views their cart. You can remind shoppers of products they viewed but did not buy by highlighting these products again. Make suggestions for complementary bundles of products on the product pages. 

For the holiday season, a retailer may offer discounts on products. By incorporating upsells and cross-sells into your holiday campaign strategy, you can give customers more reasons to hit that all-important purchase button on your website.

One way to offer extra incentives to your customers is through mobile coupons. Mobile coupons can work as a code for a website or even in-store purchases. 

Improve Your Website’s Design

Have you ever observed how brick-and-mortar retailers deck their halls during the holiday season? This is a nice way to boost your holiday e-commerce marketing efforts too. You may make your online shop more memorable and interesting by giving your website a seasonal makeover. It’s a perfect time to shuffle around the promoted material. If you’re shopping for a specific person, you can customize your homepage to display relevant product recommendations tailored to that person, like gifts ‘for her’ or ‘for him.’ Another option is to add a new homepage section highlighting your current promotions and discounts.

Provide free shipping and a hassle-free return policy.

Your e-commerce marketing strategy during the holidays is likely to maximize revenue. So, when you think of providing a service for free, “like shipping,” it may be viewed with some skepticism. However, this might be the most effective approach to boost sales. 

Offering free shipping during the holidays is a great way to boost sales. Customers are highly likely to complete a purchase when they don’t have to worry about additional shipping costs. Plus, free shipping makes it seem like customers save money, encouraging them to make more purchases. If you cannot entirely do free shipping, you can also offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount. This will encourage customers to spend more to get free shipping. Either way, offering free shipping is a very good way of increasing your sales during the holiday season.

Make sure buyers know they may easily return products if unsatisfied with their purchase. This is one of the factors that customers look at before they start shopping. They prefer to shop in a store that offers a hassle-free return policy. That way, if they’re not sure what to get or if the recipient doesn’t like what you’ve chosen, they can easily return it and try something else. Use this strategy to reach and attract more holiday shoppers.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that increasing holiday sales through their online stores is a primary objective for many businesses. This means that one has to utilize the resources they have to ensure that they increase their business’ profitability during that time. Following the guidelines mentioned above, you should be able to grow your customer base, average order value, and conversion rate. If you need help creating the perfect marketing strategy, contact us at