Mobile advertising is any advertising displayed on smartphones and mobile devices. This form of advertising uses all the interactive channels to communicate or promote brand information, news, or offers through mobile devices or networks. Increasing consumer reach through mobile devices is vital for many businesses because, according to Statista, the current number of smartphone users worldwide stands at 6.648 billion. This statistic translates into 83.32 percent of the world’s population owning smartphones. In 2021, 55.7 percent of web traffic came through mobile devices compared to laptops and desktops, which held 41 percent of traffic. These statistics show that most consumers are likely to be reached on their phones. Therefore we should expect the prominence of mobile advertising in 2023 with significant growth in mobile advertising. 

Ad curation with the end user in mind

We are likely to see advertisers considering adapting the UX principles. These principles include prioritizing usability when making ads, fostering transparency about the ad through clear labeling, ensuring user control of their experience with the ads, and minimizing interruptions such as pop-ups. When entities prioritize providing a frictionless user experience, it creates a positive association between the user and the brand, resulting in better-performing ads.

Advertising in apps and games

mobile games

The future of mobile advertising will be defined by in-app advertising formats and advertising in the niche of gaming, news, and other popular verticals, because smartphone users are downloading at high rates. Statistics forecast that by the end of 2022, the total mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion – 45 percent  higher than five years ago. These statistics indicate that more advertisements will be skewed towards in-app ads to reach the maximum number of prospects. Similarly, 2023 will see mobile app revenues skyrocketing to $935,2 billion

Continuous Growth In Email Marketing 

Among the best marketing methods, email marketing is on the list attracting 89 percent of marketers who use it primarily for generating leads. Therefore, this trend is expected to continue growing into 2023. With over 1.7 billion people checking emails on their mobile phones, Statista predicts that the number of email users will grow to nearly 4.4 billion in 2023, up from the current 4 billion. 

With such statistics, it is extremely accessible for brands and businesses to connect with their customers over email on their mobile devices. Product launch through emails for small businesses could significantly increase profit margins, which is critical, especially for new businesses.

A Continuous Boom in Influencer Marketing

Influencers can influence the purchase decision of consumers. Mobile phone Influencers use platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or blog pages – all of which are accessible on mobile devices, to establish a relationship with the audience. This type of marketing is expected to continue blooming throughout 2023. The influence of these influencers helps the business generate a high return on revenue (ROI).

pros and cons of tiktok

However, businesses must be careful when selecting influencers to advertise their brand. The influencers must have an audience you want to target so that your message and products are relevant to them and increase your success rate.

Location-Based Campaigns

Location targeting

The future of mobile advertising will customize ads based on the location of the target prospects. GPS has 100 percent penetration into the smartphone world. With GPS location data, marketers can send hyper-local content targeted to consumers from a specific location, such as a city, state, or even country. How? Many smartphone users keep searching for free Wi-Fi spots. When they find a Wi-Fi location, advertisements from local stores can be sent to that phone and send offers like coupons and promotions. There is no doubt that location-based targeting doubles the effectiveness of mobile campaigns. 

Mobile Ads That Keep Up with Data Privacy Laws

Data plays a vital role in mobile ads strategies. When businesses collect user data through cookies, they enhance their ability to target the right customers. According to the GDPR of the European Union, data collection and processing is only enabled when businesses have explicit consent from the consumer for all industries. However, according to the US, data protection laws cover only specific industries like HIPAA in the healthcare industry or GLBA in the financial sector. Additionally, individual states, like California’s CCPA, have been at the forefront of driving consumer data collection policies. This difference in regulations means that federal regulations in the US have been slow to become legally binding. Therefore 2023 will see more businesses respecting the local privacy laws of each region regardless of where they decide to conduct business so as not to tarnish their business’ reputation of collecting user data illegally.  

Ads That Are Simple and Straight to The Point

The media landscape is filled with so much content that competes for consumers. Therefore, marketers need to get to the point of designing their ads. For example, mobile ads should pass across the message in just five seconds to be effective. Additionally, advertisers can’t afford to display long text or large visual space, as it will frustrate the audience. Businesses should focus on ads that clearly communicate the desired message within the first few seconds. 


Final Thoughts

What’s in store for mobile advertising in 2023? As we’ve seen, brands must focus on creating curated ad experiences with the end user in mind. Additionally, we can expect to see more advertising within apps and games and an increase in email marketing. Influencer marketing and location-based campaigns will become even more popular. 

Finally, advertisers must keep up with ever-changing data privacy laws – a challenge that will only become increasingly difficult in the years ahead. 2023 will be an exciting time for marketers who will use mobile advertising. If you need help planning your 2023 marketing strategy, contact Thumbvista today.