Globally companies have developed geofencing strategies along with their marketing efforts to drive action by showing ads in a relevant way. The tool that enables you to make virtual perimeters has changed the game and when adding the proper creative or data it becomes nearly unstoppable.


More and more marketers are looking for advantages over their competition. Trying to leverage the latest and greatest tools available to add relevance and in turn effectiveness to their overall marketing campaigns. Location data is one of the best forms to make sure your advertising is seen by the right people.

Over the past decade Thumbvista has this used location based marketing tool to create some amazing campaigns. Along the way we have been able to see some of the strongest geofencing strategies in the world. Below we list some of the top geofencing strategies we have used.

Top 5 Geofencing Strategies

Recruiting – This is a broad topic that can include Job recruiting, University recruiting or Military recruiting. All of which work in similar ways. Placing the message in front of the right person. This can including making a geofence around someone similar in your industries to get in front of their employees who may have experience you are looking for. One thing is certain adding location targets increases action to taking the next steps of learning more.

Geo-conquesting – Making perimeters around your competition does not just have to be for stealing employees, it can be for customers too. The same customers buying your competitor’s goods could be enticed to buy your’s. The importance of good creative and an enticing offer really makes a difference.

Local Branding – Placing a consistent campaign around your business location allows you to expose your brand to the customers who matter most. Tell your brand’s story and having the constant exposure leads to awareness and being top of mind.

Grand Openings – Advertising on mobile devices around your location and letting the community know of a special date and time is hard to do. This geofencing strategy allow you to do both. Promoting a new business or location opening is key to getting launch in the right direction.

Retargeting based on location – The ability to advertise in real time to customers in the local area is great but advertising to them outside the area is needed as well. This means if the live around your location then you can still reach them at work and if they work around your location you can reach them at home.

For more ideas see our case studies section covering 18 industries or feel free to reach out to us today to discuss the right geofencing strategies for your next marketing project.