Location-Based Marketing is positioned to have a huge impact on the Mobile Marketing world. The ability it gives marketers with location-based services to customize a message based on their real time location is something that is not only useful for marketers but consumers as well. Thumbvista has now launched LocationBasedMessaging.com a site dedicated to location-based services. If you are a retail location and wish to drive more foot traffic to returning customers it does not get any better than this. The way it works is by using your current customers who have opted into text messaging or other mobile marketing services focusing on when they are near your location. The process of knowing when they are near requires the marketing location to establish a Geo-Fence.

Geofencing in St. Louis Missouri

Geo-Fencing is to establish a virtual perimeter around your location or locations and be notified once your customers have reach the perimeter. With our technology this does not require your normal application involved in tracking customers or even bluetooth technology because we use actual cell-towers to find mobile users location. With this technology marketers don’t even need to establish a Geo-Fence and still locate any opted in customer anywhere inside or out. Image being able to send a message to your customers within a mile of your location right now? You can see how here LocationBasedMessaging.com