How Geofences work in Mobile Marketing are similar to Geo-targeting on the web. You set up your preferred target area and send ads to anyone within the area. Of course the difference being if you could see if a customer was close to your business and they were carry a lap top and searching. (OK maybe not that similar in the regards to advertising.) Needless to say the more that technology develops the more the ways to reach customers will as well. We live in a mobile world with information at the edge of our finger tips which in turn gives the consumer the ability to search and educate themselves on a purchase decision while their out and mobile. As a business owner or a marketing manager you have the ability to influence that decision by being able to engage a potential customer at the right time or place. A Geofence using Mobile Marketing Strategies does just that.  A Geofence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. It could be dynamically generated as in a radius around a store or point location. Or a Geofence can be a predefined set of boundaries, like school attendance zones or neighborhood boundaries.* (Wikipedia)

Geofence Shoppers

In Marketing these days there are few more powerful times to reach a customer then when they are in your area of business. A Geofence allows developers to draw any area on a map a circle, a polygon, a state border, and create a “notifier” event when a mobile device enters or exits the virtual area. The trigger can be a marketing offer to a customer, an alert, a log file or an event record. It also allows developers to build a perimeter for any event for any mobile device, for almost any business need. Most common geofences include areas around retail store locations, malls, airports, arenas, schools or state boundaries.

Once a created, a geographic rules based application alert or notification can be triggered whenever a registered opt-in device location is fixed inside or outside a geographic area. Application developers can configure user push alerts, SMS messages, in-app notifications, email. Companies use cases include automatically triggering timesheets, offers and promotions, service calls, asset pickups, fraud alerts, Schools and Universities can even use this technology for truancy notifications* or for campus security.

Geofence notifiers(*Loc-aid)


The future of marketing has to come with a mobile engagement strategy. Location Based Services are the future of mobile marketing and Geofences are great tools to work with. Obviously without a well thought out strategy for the use of a Geofence in a campaign and the mobile savvy consumers to engage with it is almost useless for a business owner. That is where we come in. We can help with everything from the Mobile Marketing campaign strategy, set up of Geofence or  multiple Geofences. Push Notifications triggered by a potential customer within the perimeter if your company already has an mobile application or SMS. If your company does not have an application then Thumbvista has the ability to use location based messaging to send text message to any potential customer within the Geofence boundary. A customer does not even need a smartphone all they need is to opt-in to stay in touch with your business and to be notified of any special offering to their mobile phone.

For more information on how a Geofence and location based services can work for you contact us today.