Having your retail location in an area with high foot traffic can help get people in the door, but when your location is just outside a busy area how can you get customers to come your way? The Answer is Location Based Deals via SMS triggered by Geofencing. In a ComScore survey of mobile consumers 47% wanted their favorite retailers to send them a deal to their mobile device if they were nearby a retailers location.

Customers with location based deals

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How Location Based Deals Work

Step 1. Create A Call To Action To Get Opt-ins – Thumbvista’s location based messaging services are 100% opt-in by customers (as should everyone’s mobile messaging services) Your most loyal customers want to be in the loop during a special promotion, so create a call to action to let them know if they are in the right place at the right time they could receive a great deal.

Call to action example – “Want to be treated like a V.I.P.? If so text the word DEAL to 12345 and get great SMS deals  to your mobile device based on your proximity to our store. If you are at the right place at the right time you could get treated like a V.I.P. !”

Step 2. Put yourself in your customers shoes – Where & when would be the best place and time to target your customers with the most relevant text message possible? Is your location near a mall? Then geofence the mall. Is your customers sports fans? Then geofence the ballpark or arena. Timing is everything as well, pick high volume times to send the message to get the best bang for your buck.

Step 3. Create an sense of urgency & a reason they should. By giving two options on your location based deal you can create a sense of urgency For Example – “ABC Shoes: Since you are around the corner stop by before 2pm & get 40% off purchase or before we close get 25% EXP Today Show Msg.” Also make the deal worth coming in for and different than others you already have out there. Remember these customers are letting you use their location, which means they like you and obviously trust you, so show them some extra love.

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