Using Geofences To Communicate With An Audience Near You

This time of year various Conferences, Trade Shows , Conventions & Events are looking for ways to market to their venue and content. Beyond local media and in venue printed material event marketing managers look for mobile solutions to engage and keep attendees in the loop. Location based marketing is a great way to communicate to those within the perimeter of the gathering. By placing a geofence or geofencing multiple relevant areas the communications become more real time and effective. Listed below are ways that Conferences, Trade Shows and other Events can use our geofencing technology Along with SMS to add to their communication effectiveness this year.

Event Geofence

Use multiple Geofences to communicate different messaging. By segmenting your user opt-in list to know those who are coming from out of town a communication specialist can welcome those as they arrive to an event and even partner with others to add to an already unique and exciting mobile message. By Geofencing the venue’s perimeter a welcome message followed by a real time update of events and any special time and location related functions on going through out. A welcome mobile message such asWelcome to town hope you had a safe trip! Events start at 10am & make sure you visit welcome area at East entrance.”

Drive booth foot traffic via geofencing. By communicating with attendees before the event a company can offer location relevant alerts to cut through the white noise and ad clutter of others who compete for attendees time during the event. A booth promoter can inform attendees of special events such as giveaways or product demos during the day and use various links to track and further engage in the future. Imagine getting the jump on booth competition by giving an incentive to stop by your booth first with a message such as “Welcome to the Auto show, stop by ABC Motors at booth 65 in the next 15 min and get dinner for two at 123 Main Steakhouse”

Surveys using a Geofence. How about the follow up? By using the attendee’s location you can also see once they have left the area as well as entered. Send an attendee a survey asking about their experience. As the event promoter you can get feed back about the total experience or as a booth you are able to inquire about the booth experience as well as other booths they may have visited that day. “We hope you had a great experience at the Event Center! To enhance the experience next year please give us your thoughts by clicking here”

Their are many ways to enhance an event experience via mobile location based services. Whether you’re a venue, industry or company’s booth promoter we can help welcome, engage and enhance your attendees overall experience.

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