Mobile Takes Center Stage

In 2014, the time spent on mobile devices surpassed the time spent on desktop and other media, and continues to grow, according to ComScore.


Mobile growth

Most Advertising Should Be Where People Are….Right?

Yet a new report from KPCB shows that the amount of money spent on advertising to reach this expanding audience is still very low.

mobile device growth


Mobile Advertising Is Still Evolving

There could be multiple reasons for this. For one, the mobile advertising industry is still getting its legs. Many businesses out there today are startups and quite frankly don’t yet have the resources they need to serve their customers and grow at the same time. Traditional media and advertising companies are like well-oiled machines that haven’t had to deal with this much change since the dot com bust. There’s comfort in the familiar, but there’s also missed opportunities.

Right now, most marketing plans follow a similar flow that’s centralized around marketing a specific product or program, and then they pull from a library of tactics, where mobile is a line-item option to add to the mix. Instead, marketers should start with mobile, and build their campaigns to be fully integrated by asking themselves, “How can I reach the mobile audience?” If marketers simply asked that question first, instead of closer to last, then they’d build a much different looking marketing plan.

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Consumers are seeking a seamless experience for the 21st century. As marketers we must evolve along with technology and the buying experience. Just as we gathered around the radio, t.v. and computer to consume our news and entertainment and marketers adapted to place that technology center stage, it is time that mobile takes it’s rightful place.

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