Local Mobile Advertising Using Geofencing Is Relevant & Effective

After a recent trip to Target as well as testing a campaign I realized something, this stuff works. I know what you are thinking, “it better!”, but while at target looking through ads I notice ads and lots of them letting me know about area restaurants, grand opening and even products on sale steps a way at Target. This instance of local mobile advertising was extremely effective and logically to both the marketing as well as the mobile user. This my friends is relevance and relevance is key is marketing to the consumer.

In a recent Think with Google articleTarget says “Smartphone shopping has created a new front door to the store.” They started using that phrase learning that three-fourths of its guests start their shopping journey on mobile, and that 1/3 of guests who click on local mobile advertising take a trip to a Target store.

3 Ways to use Thumbvista local mobile advertising solutions effectively

  1. Push the right product at the right time. Day part, to reach the masses during great mobile usage hours for your demo.
  2. Interest can mean interested. Is your product or solution male or female focused? How about, is the perfect customer into sports or games. By knowing your customer you can focus your local mobile advertising even further.
  3. Geofence the right areas. If you have a high end product or solution then geofence a local high end area of luxury homes. If your product or solution is to a younger audience for a hot night spot, then look for local trending apartments. By geofencing different areas with different messaging you can potentially be more relevant to the audience and have a more effective result.

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