There are many examples of how mobile geofencing is beneficial to marketers all over the world. One of the most obvious is the reduction of ad waste in terms of reaching mobile users who have a stronger likelihood of being who you need the brand’s messaging to reach. The more times you connect with the right person, at the right place and time the better return on investment you will have.

Mobile banner ads using geofencing

A geofence can come in many shapes and forms. Mobile Geofencing in terms of advertising, means creating a virtual perimeter to trigger or record an event. In some cases, it can mean a message or alert and others it can measure dwell time or entry and exit point notifiers. Various technologies can be used from external hardware communicating with a device to internal software within the mobile device. Mobile geofencing for display ads focuses more on “seeing” a device within a designated perimeter and can communicate proximity from the application or browser the user is engaged with. The geofence is a area setup with a boundary and can be a radius, big or small, a zip code, city, state or country, just so there is a boundary set up to trigger or record activity geographically it can become a geofence.

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Benefits of Mobile Geofencing = Creativity

Creativity matters and so does a great user experience. In a recent Adweek article it explains how creatives can make great mobile ads. Crafting your creative brand messaging to the mobile users in the specific area is a huge advantage that many don’t leverage. If you have multiple locations you can craft you ads directly to that location via geofencing. The mobile ads can say something about location and link directly to a landing page or mobile coupon that is just for locals who see and experience the ads. We can not stress enough that the mobile advertising creative is one if not the most important part of your mobile geofencing campaign.

Different ad copy can be made per area or audience. Don’t be afraid of opening up area and focusing on who your perfect person would be to see your ad. If you live in an area where customers can come from miles away geofencing a larger area is ok. Thumbvista can go in some cases from 1000 feet to 1000 miles and everything in between. All mobile strategies should be leveraging some type of benefits of geofencing or geo-targeting to make sure they are reaching the right audience.

Geo-conquesting and Ad copy

Many strategies include mobile geofencing for display ads to get branding in front of users in or around their competitions locations. This is call geo-conquesting. Geo-conquesting is when you know where you competition is an want to target them because that in turn is where your potential customer could be. This is a smart tactic, but once again your creative ad copy should be mindful of the purpose of this particular geofence.

Have a purpose for your Geofence

Just creating a perimeter for ads to show can be a great way to help with reducing ad waste, but don’t forget to leverage to truly try to reach the right customer at the right time and place. Mobile Geofencing should be used together in many cases with day parting, audience targeting and strong creative. Mobile advertising in general is a great form of marketing and should be included with other strategies to add to the frequency someone experiences with your brand. The thought of it being a better strategy for 10,000 people seeing your ad 3 times compared to 30,000 seeing ad once is another reason why targeting a smaller more precise area can be more effective. When touching users multiple times because you are blanketing an area, the more often someone come in contact in a good way with your brand and more often it will become top of mind when your product or service is needed.

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