Twenty years ago, marketers and advertisers were begging for access to data on their potential consumers. Now, the reverse has happened. Marketers are usually swimming in data to the point of feeling like they’re drowning. Sometimes it takes an entire team of analysts to organize and analyze the data to find the most relevant trends that ultimately shape a company’s marketing strategy.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Fortunately, when it comes to advertising, marketing and advertising professionals can now take advantage of programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising helps take the guesswork out of the data analysis, allowing advertisers to focus more on strategy and messaging – less on the media buying and ad management. And it’s a business trend that continues to see double-digit percentage growth.

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Display Advertising Growth

Source: eMarketer

Mobile Advertising Automation

One of the greatest advantages of mobile targeting is the ability to reach people in the right place and at the right time – without wasting precious ad dollars on the masses. In the last two years, advances in geolocation and geotargeting have made finding the right place and time easier to determine and control. Then it’s up to the advertiser to match it with their mountains of customer data. Sometimes it’s anyone at a particular event or in a particular area, but more often than not, advertisers have a very specific description of the type of consumer they’re trying to reach which includes more than just demographic data.

More Than Demographics

Psychographic data, which differentiates a population by values, attitudes, beliefs, etc., is getting easier to obtain – and easier to target through programmatic advertising. Advertisers aren’t the only ones using it though. Experienced content marketers and content creators use it as a way to really hone in on their audience and create content – such as articles, shows, songs, movies – that will resonate and attract consumers of a similar psychographic segment. Disney may be one of the best examples of this because their audience isn’t limited to children of a specific age. They use a multi-segment marketing approach to find family-oriented adventure seekers and they market to them accordingly.

The Mobile Advantage

Programmatic advertising is still a recent development but advertisers have been doing the same thing for years with just a little less automation. The interesting advantage of applying programmatic advertising to mobile is that it can take demographic (location, gender) and psychographic data (values, lifestyles) and create a custom advertising solution that is not only affordable, but most importantly, effective.

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