In a recent study it said the majority of marketers (63%) planned on investing more in live events in the 2018-19 both in budget and number of events. (Bizzabo,). Trying to capture attention at an event can be challenging for any marketer. Event marketing is typically a pay-to-play game in which the top sponsors get top billing and maximum exposure. Big booths at conferences, gigantic banners displayed across keynote stages, and elaborate sponsored dinners for VIPS can exhaust a smaller company’s entire event marketing budget for the year.

Better Event Marketing

Fortunately, there’s a better way. A mobile way. And many times a less expensive way.
With Thumbvista’s geofence solutions, you can be part of the action and capture attendee
attention without physically being there.

Here’s how it works:
1. Pick the event and select specific dates and times for the ads to appear.
2. Set location parameters. This can be as precise as the venue itself, or it can be broader
and include nearby hotels, restaurants, or even airports for attendees flying in from out
of town.
3. Make the ad even more relevant by using language that’s specifically tailored to the
4. Retarget interested audiences for days following the event so they’re reminded of your
brand and what you’re offering.

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