Mobile video has turned into a very powerful force in the marketing world. It is said the by 2020 75% of mobile data traffic will be video. Partly due to content and connectivity one thing is for sure it continues to grow into an area that has much marketing potential.

Geofencing + Mobile Video = Powerful Marketing Solution For Brands

The campaign is crafted to individual locations and using geofencing can show location centric content within ads and video that is specific to that particular location. Having ads and mobile video be hyper local it gives an added layer of effectiveness in reaching audience it direct area of focus.

Case Study: Planet Fitness

geofencing case study
Challenge: Branding fitness company in areas were new locations are being opened.

Results: The geofence has given the ability to reduce ad waste by targeting area within local distance to potential customers and video’s have seen results around 78% completion rate on average.

Mobile Video Brings Brand Awareness

Take away: In a brand awareness campaign being sure to adjust normal KPI’s from clicks or CTR to view though rate and over all campaign awareness or foot or additional web traffic is key. In this case there was a goal of letting area know of new location and deal deadline as call to action.