Landing pages. You’ve probably heard of them and some of you may have even created a couple already. After all, it is an important piece of the marketing puzzle. If you need a refresher, a landing page is a single-page website that a person can be directed to from an email, direct message, social media post, or advertisement. Its purpose is to capture information from a person in exchange for something such as content, a demo, or an offer–to name a few. The captured information can then be used as a lead for the business. Landing pages are generally simple and have one call to action. This is quite different when you compare that to a homepage that is filled with content and various links. 

Now that we have reminded you of what a landing page is let’s dive into the benefits and how you can implement it within your strategy. 

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Landing pages generate more leads. 

It is an easy way to get information from potential customers to sell to immediately, continue providing information to or distribute offers. If you are going to offer 10 percent off the first online order, why not present it on a landing page that provides you with the opportunity to gain leads? It is a great way to offer an exchange from your business to the customer.

By including a landing page, you also have the opportunity to understand your customers better. The information collected is invaluable to the marketing and sales teams. It also provides insight on what offers or content on landing pages resonate best with the people viewing it. For example, out of all the landing pages, which one gets the most traction? Or compared to the number of people who visit your website, how many take advantage of the offer or content on the landing page? This will also provide details that can be used on other sources such as social media, ads or to build email lists. It is also a way to grow brand awareness, another essential part of marketing

What to include on a landing page? 

By now we know that a landing page is one-page. But what do you put on that important piece of web real estate? 

Well, you will want to grab the viewer’s attention with the perfect headline. It should be eye-catching and provide the benefit of what they’re getting out of the page. That benefit should go into detail within the copy, visual or video that you are presenting on the page. You don’t want someone to easily jump off of it, so hidden navigation can help someone stay on the page, consume the content and help your overall objectives. Of course, one of the essential pieces of a landing page is the form. The form should ask for information such as first and last name, email, phone number, job and/or other information that is pertinent to your business. Include your company’s privacy policy and we suggest an automated thank you message after the information is captured. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to using landing pages. So why not try it out on your next campaign? If you’re stuck on what to do next, Thumbvista offers services for mobile landing pages. Contact us to see how we can help on your next landing page.