The best way to make your marketing messaging as effective as possible is to find the right audience. That is where we come in. For a recent event we placed a perimeter around an industry conference to push foot traffic to the booth of a vendor. Once you geofence a conference or an industry event such as a trade show you allow you advertising to be focused on a location that is relevant .

event marketing case study

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Geofence to add relevance and effectiveness

Client – Home Materials Provider

Challenge – The issue was to get messaging in front of an audience that had decision makers. The client was presenting at an industry conference / trade show and wanted to drive foot traffic to their booth.

Solution – The industry event was a perfect time to place a geofence. By knowing it was a multi-day conference we knew decision makers were not only going to be at the event but also at the hotels near the event and catching people on their down time. After the event we can change the creative and advertise for an additional 30 days.

Results – The ad mainly push booth location information and branding and was seen over 80k times over 3 days resulting in over 200 clicks.

The take away – The client was happy to see their ad in real time which is not easy to do with the mass volume of places to look and other advertisers so this was a win in terms of volume and frequency. We hope to get more data for continuing retargeting campaigns and other industry centric strategies.

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