A Health Care & Rehab services company used mobile advertising targeted around 10 of competitions locations to promote job openings in a new area. By using a geofence they were able to reduce ad waste for their recruiting marketing campaign and get quality applicants that currently worked for their competition.

Recruiting Nurses Case Study

Challenge – To find qualified applicants to fill job openings for RNs, CNAs and LPNs for a new location.

Recruiting tool for nurses

Solution – By targeting the location of 10 competitors with virtual perimeters or “geofences” we are able to run a recruiting marketing campaign that focuses on the right people at the right place and time. Display ads are then seen by a group of qualified potential applicants in the medical field that can see reasons provided in creative to research the company and then review the open positions.

Results РOver a 30 day period the ad campaign generated  over 250 visits and resulted in 7 applications from competitor employees.

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The take away – Keep in mind that the creative (ad design) and landing pages are extremely important in recruiting marketing campaigns. Remembering to make things as simple as possible to connect and stay connected with the interested person and having a high frequency of touches. This gives the potential applicants more time to take the next steps in starting and finishing the application process. Being able to advertise to competitor employees is a great way to add relevance to your ads, but also retargeting the campaign increases the recruiting marketing effectiveness even more.

For more information on how to use geofencing to get your open positions in front of the right audience please reach out today. Click here to see more recruiting marketing case studies