When you’re creating your fundraising marketing strategy calendar for the year, you’re also planning for the potential donations for the year. To reach potential donors and have great events, you also need a fundraising marketing strategy that speaks to your audience. To stand out to your potential donors, you will want creative that varies in format and appeals to them. Eye-catching ad formats are just one piece of the puzzle, the other piece is targeting the right audience. 

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What creative formats should I use? 

To grab your audience’s attention in a digital space filled with noise, you will need creative formats that rise above any other distractions. To do this, you can create video advertisements that share visuals and stories related to your organization. With video ads, you are merging two senses: sight and sound. Combined, they can send powerful messages that create higher engagement with the audience. According to Hubspot, more than 50 percent of consumers want to see more video content from brands and organizations. While it can be difficult and costly to implement and test video ads, having the right team in place can help accelerate results. Video is worth the effort as it creates the most memorable content for consumers. A Hubspot report found that branded video is three times more popular than branded blogs or ebooks. 

Video growth facts fundraising marketing

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The placement of video will also make a difference in its performance. Features such as parallax scrolling allow for advertisements to be a part of the content on a page. Additional creative assets can help video stand out such as clean designs and a prominent call to action. It is essential to have ads naturally flow with the content of the page. 

Advanced targeting for fundraising 

While some of your campaigns in the past may have targeted a wider audience, advanced targeting can help you reach potential donors who want to hear from you. Advanced target options will allow your messaging to be placed with relevant audiences to increase engagement and conversions. Advanced targeting based on data allows advertisers to understand a user’s behavior, demographics, and interests. When this type of targeting is applied to fundraising campaigns, you have the opportunity to reach the right audience, potential donors who want to learn more and donate to an organization. 

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Reaching the right audience through creative formats and advanced targeting is essential to optimizing your fundraising. To ensure that you can focus on events throughout the year, you can bring in experts from Thumbvista to help set up campaigns and optimize them for the best results. Our experts can help with creative and advanced targeting solutions. To learn more, contact us here.