In a year of historic flooding across the Carolinas many residents went from draught to disaster in a matter of weeks. Surrounding areas watched their neighbors in nearby areas suffered historic storm damage to their towns, roads and even homes and many searched for ways to help. Luckily there are organizations like the American Red Cross that quickly move to action to supply relief in disasters big and small. Thumbvista based in Charlotte, North Carolina had the great opportunity to work along side the American Red Cross to help gather mobile donations from geofencing large areas in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia for mobile users looking to help through mobile donations.









Case Study:

American Red Cross


Reaching local and regional residents effected or experiencing news coverage about geographic areas close in proximity effected by storms and flooding.


To place geofences around communities throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. The creative ad would have motion and a click to donate button or “Donate Now” linking directly to a way to help the local areas in need through donations via mobile device.

Copy-of-320x50-Red-cross_256 (1)




In 7 days of running there were 475 clicks to the American Red Cross donate now ad. Top area in terms of impressions to clicks or CTR. Spartanburg, SC.


Not really a surprise that people tend to be effected and move toward action in terms of donations closer they are to effected area.

It feels good to help those in need. To donate to the American Red Cross in your area visit .

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