Young adults are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. In fact, they are spending at least 6 hours on their phones every day. To engage these potential voters, mobile advertising is the best tool to leverage. 

You may be wondering what exactly is mobile advertising and how you can use it? Mobile advertising is a type of advertising that appears on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Using apps and technology described below, mobile advertising can influence the success of a campaign. 

Why is it essential for political campaigns to adapt to a younger demographic of voters?

reaching Voters for political fundraising

The younger demographic of voters comprising tech-savvy millennials is the most diverse and the largest voting block in history. It is a population that has the appeal to participate and push democracy to the next level. Therefore, political campaigns have deemed it necessary to interact with this generation in a language and way they understand. And what better way to do this than by leveraging mobile technology. The methods described below can motivate these younger adults to register as voters. 

How Can Voters Be Targeted? 

Mobile advertising strategies that political campaigns can leverage to target voters include:

Display Advertising

Political campaigns use different forms of display advertising, such as remarketing or retargeting ads that aim to make the campaign memorable. They also include site-placed ads where individual pages or sites host the political campaign ads. Contextually targeted ads that show the political campaign ads based on specific user criteria, e.g. their location, language preferences, etc. And banner ads boost user engagement and create more awareness for political campaigns. 


Political geofencing is instrumental in helping politicians and their campaigns target young voters within their voting district. Think of a county, district, or city with a higher likelihood of swinging either way! Geofencing allows a political campaign to boost voter outreach and visibility of their campaigns. Political campaigns can reach young voters by combining geofencing with targeted ads focusing on the apps they spend the most time on. 

Many election campaigns “geotarget” ads on a household level, neighborhood, district, or city. A political campaign team can hire an advertising company to “create” a perimeter around a specific region with a rally. 

Interest-based advertising

For election campaigns to benefit from interest-based advertising, they need to target their ads to the young voters who have exhibited an interest in voting. They can focus on putting election ads in front of them through mobile apps or games. 

Mobile landing pages that appeal to the younger voters

The landing pages targeting young voters should be responsive and visually appealing for a better user experience. It should direct them to your website to check out your election campaign message via their phones. 

Young voters predominantly constitute the largest block of voters and are easy to reach with voters for the best results. 

Thumbvista has experts that can help with eye-catching landing pages, display ads, and geotargeted ads. Contact us today, if you’re ready to see how you can leverage this for your campaign.