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Mobile App vs. Non-App Location Services & Geofencing Services

There are many ways to use Geofencing services, but most recently mobile consumer engagement has become the most sought after. Our Geofencing services are strictly for mobile device engagement and we have the ability to trigger notifications with or without application.

So what are the differences and pluses and minuses of with or without app location based services.

Mobile Application with Location Services and Geofencing

Mobile applications utilize GPS services to get device location. This method is accurate as long as there is clear sky view. This method does rely on the mobile user to download the businesses or brand App and enable the location services. Apps are popular which is a PlusABI Research estimated mobile users will download 70 billion apps in 2013 – 58 billion to smartphones and 14 billion to tablets.  Minus -But according to analytics firm Localytics, 26 percent of apps downloaded last year were only used once. Which also causes some mobile users to shy away from downloading more mobile apps.

Don’t get us wrong many businesses should have a mobile app to add to their customer friendly experience and mobile apps are hugely popular. Listed below are the amount of apps available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry (some are official, some are estimates as reported):

  • Google Play/Android is estimated to have 800,000 apps (Jan. 4, 2013)
  • Apple iOS App Store recently reported 775,000 apps (Jan. 7, 2013)
  • Windows Phone Marketplace is up to 125,000 apps (Oct. 25, 2012)
  • Blackberry World is now up to 70,000 apps (Jan. 30, 2013)

Non- Application Location Based Messaging and Geofencing

With non-app Geofencing and Geo-aware SMS  a marketer can reach a wider audience. Non GPS location services utilize cell tower triangulation and cell ID to get a location aware position and trigger the enabled geofence to send a SMS. Among the benefits of not having to download an application are not draining your customers batteries. This helps with some tech savvy smart phone user will actually turn off their location services to save battery. Please keep in mind that customers opt-in to receive the messages. In a Upstream study it stated 70% of mobile users surveyed wanted deals sent to their phone. Adding great timing and location also adds the relevance that mobile users wish to have when sent a SMS deal or notifaction.

See graphic below of differences in “Network-based” Non-App and App-Based locations services.

App vs non app

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